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From The Founder

Zubair Pateljiwala

Zubair patelijiwala: Co-founder of “the story of humans” believes that empathy begins with understanding life from another person’s perspective. And from his school time till now, he experienced every 3rd person showing sympathy but not empathy for his failure and bad times.

This lack of empathy made him alone and this loneliness gave him a reason to find “The Story of Humans.” with the core concept of ‘Reconnecting humans with humans.’

He faced troubles alone. People made fun of his time and situation but still, he managed to overcome hardships.

He always wanted to pour positive energy and humanity into the hearts of humans. Being a reason for fun for people and a victim of failure and loneliness, he doesn’t want any other person to face the same. And so he came up with the concept of posting inspiring stories on the internet to inspire people, motivate people, and generate a to-do attitude among humans to do the impossible possible.

Satish Rajput

Satish Rajput, the man with a “village heart”. Why so? Because he has a pure heart, he understands the reality behind the artificial smile and sees the unseen pain. Yes, he has lived in a village since childhood and came to Ahmedabad city intending to do something bold in his life. For him, fitness is a priority + earning to feed his family.

His all-time goal was and still is to do something that satisfies the 2 souls (his own and one who meets him). To survive in the city, he joined an IT company in 2010 and worked hard with dedication which changed his life completely. He sees a massive change in his personality, capability, and career, which he aims to pay forward. He desires to see the same positive change in others and bring a light that they are missing. That is his main goal! According to him, people need inspiration, guidance, and motivation, which are not there at every moment of life with everyone, and he wants to do just that. He wants to inspire people, motivate them, and guide them to their point of success.

Though many people and platforms are inspiring the world, he thinks still the demand is high and supply is rare. Hence, he decided to join the chain of inspiring humanity through “The Story of Humans”. He believes every person is a story, and each story is inspiring. Just listen to your instinct.

Zaid Rajput

Muhammad Zaid is the founder of ‘The Story of Humans’. The mission is “Reconnecting humans with humans”. No sooner did the idea sprout in his mind than he shared it with his two friends, who encouraged him to make this into reality. He believes every human is an inspiration. In 2022, he created this platform and embarked on the never-ending journey of inspirational humans. He believes, one can find inspiration anywhere. It can be any corner of the road, under the roof, at any tea stall or on the way home. Life is not easy, nor impossible but a combination of black and white. He often says that black is bad times, hardships, poor health, anything that is not in human’s favour. And the white is happiness, success, peace of mind, satisfaction and more. In addition, he says, black can be converted into white with hope, motivation, and inspiration. Human attracts seeing human.

The goal here with the story of humans is to inspire people to make them believe that the problem they have is not unique. It’s common and it happens to everyone. You are not alone. There are billions of people on the earth who have similar or even more problems than you. A single raise of hope can change or push a person to fight back and overcome challenges. And he is here with the primary goal of putting the raise of hope in people and inspiring them to do what they want to do without any fear.

Zaid believes every human is a story. He loves to share inspiring stories to give people hope in tough times through the story of the human – platform. The story connects us all with a single thread – empathy. He is also an inspiring personality who has been through a lot of ups and downs in his life. Zaid is very passionate about his work and loves to help everyone in need.

Our Team

Sana Khatri

Sana is an introverted person. She sometimes likes to peep into social circles and get together. She is a nature lover, loves every creation of Allah and greatly admires his creation.

She enjoys feeling nature’s purity, loves to read – writes poetry and listens carefully as she is always ready to capture an inspiring story and frame it to inspire others.

Do not approach her till she sits at her desk sipping a green tea. Writing is her passion and exploring new things every day is what makes her find interesting topics to write about and bring them before her readers. When alone, she spends time with her gorgeous cat (Lily). When not found at her desk is seen with her childhood friends and family members.


Kiran Shibag

She is a poet & a storyteller at heart. She loves to connect with emotions, be it hers or anyone else’s. She has a soft corner for mental health. You can find her preaching mental well-being even to a random uber driver.

She curates content with heart and is a fan of good music & kind people. She is a strong believer in “Everyone has a story”!


Sarah Sarwar

Sarah conserves and loves to observe the people around her. She has minimal words to express as she speaks but the world in her writings never stops speaking. She lives in a world where she brings her creativity through visuals or poetry.

She loves to be around kind and empathetic people and wants every human she knows should be smiling and winning. She is fiery, unstoppable, and humane and lastly, she is musing thoughts through life.