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I survived against all odds with my mother by my side

My story started with being born in a hut at 3 AM! They say that when I was born, their life changed. My father got a government job, and we moved to a new state to start our new journey. With a 2000 rupee salary, he felt like a million rupee happiness for his family. We started living in a small house on rent in Gujarat.

My life has been full of tragedies. When I was one year old while playing around in the house, my frock caught fire, and the left part of my stomach got seriously burned. Doctors said that I could not survive, but my mother’s prayers made me survive.

It did not stop there. Then something happened during my bachelor’s that shook my life. One day I fainted on my college ground and was rushed to the hospital. And when I woke up, out of nowhere, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

I started my treatment and experience, the unbearable pain, a pain where you feel it’s better to die than feel this. That was the time when I experienced death from the closest. I knew I was dying. Doctors said that they had to perform the surgery, which had only a 20% chance of survival. I was weak.

My mother took the bold step and told doctors to perform the surgery. And thanks to her and her prayers, I survived again. When I got my senses back, the only thing she said was: “Beta, I know you are a fighter”.

I recovered gradually! Then started my MBA in another state. My parents were not ready to send me, but my best friend, my maa, made it possible for me again. She truly believed in me.

But, in the final year of my MBA, my brain again showed the signs of a tumor, and guess what the tumor was back. The doctors told me this time to go with medicines, and after 2 years of complete medicinal treatment, I am again fully healthy and focusing on building my life and career.

I just want to send this message to people who are feeling that they are losing their lives whether due to a disease or due to their tough situations, “It’s okay to feel this way, you got this, you are a fighter, keep fighting, you will survive, and most importantly your family will always love you, no matter what!”

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  1. This story is really motivating me to never lose hope no matter what situation is.

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