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Mohsin Saiyed

Should I quit or keep moving? I chose “keep moving”

One day, my friend Hafiz asked me, “Do you want to learn about computers? And I asked “Ye kya hota hai bhai?” (what is a computer?). He smiled and replied, “It’s like a small magic box.” I got curious and said “Yes”. So he invited me to his home to learn about computers.

It was in 1992, we started learning about it every evening when buying computers was so expensive that only a few people could own them. After 3 months of learning, my friend rented a shop where we started graphic designing.

After some time, Hafiz bhai’s other friend joined us. Now we had one computer and 3 users where one person was doing graphic design, while the other two only observed him. And I was in the other 2 who didn’t get a chance to use it.

As days passed, I joined ITI and got some hands on the computers. I used to study in the morning and learn graphic design in the afternoon. At lightning speed, graphic designing gained popularity which made us have the 2nd computer in our office to keep up with the growing competition.

Now I was working as a full-fledged graphic designer but wasn’t paid a penny for 2.5 years. Then one day, when I met Hafiz’s father, he got to know about my salary situation. He asked Hafiz to start paying me for my work. So finally, my first salary was 1000/month. Yay!

While I used to work for only 1000₹ per month, money was not the determining factor for me to continue my job for Hafiz Bhai. I was driven by an unwavering passion to design.

However, as the days passed, my friends & family started to acknowledge my work and were in shock to hear about my low salary. Then one of my father’s friends recommended me for a new job at a call centre called “Kem Cho”. And I call “Kem Cho” a turning point in my life.

I joined Kem Cho at a salary of 3500₹/ month and worked there for about 7 years. At that time, the Internet was in its infancy. The year 2000 was promising as the Indian Government removed 200% duty on the Internet so that anyone can afford a computer at just 40 to 50 thousand.

One day my friend Chapan called me and asked me to design a logo for iFuturz- a Tech Company. It took two days to make the logo. The owner of the company was quite impressed by my design and offered me a job in his company as a designer.

Looking at the amazing opportunity knocking at the door by itself, I quit Kem Cho and Joined iFuturz. The team was too small when I joined, with nearly 4-5 employees only. But with our hard work and dedication in just a couple of years, we became a team of 100+ employees and I achieved the position of head of the design department.

This was the peak moment of my career, where I not only grew professionally but started appreciating the opportunities that life sent my way. I was so grateful and driven that it even led me to co-found a tech start-up, “e-Regex” with one of my friends Vikas Rajput. We got an amazing amount of investment too. But, then the pandemic hit on us just like any other new start-up and unfortunately, we had to dissolve it.

Then came a global pandemic (covid19). During the lockdown, I got into learning about the stock market. I studied hard, learned from experienced investors, and became a smart investor myself. Today, I apply my knowledge and experience, navigating the volatile world of investments, always eager to grow and succeed.

Throughout my journey, I’ve learned that true success goes beyond money. It’s about passion, perseverance, and resilience. My story proves that the path to fulfilment can be unpredictable, but with determination, we can overcome any obstacle and emerge stronger.

Life here on earth is truly a journey and not a destination. Just take life as it comes and enjoy the journey. Keep your mind calm in storms and use your energy to grow.

Finally, I will tell all those embarking on their own journeys, to take this story as an inspiration and remember this – “Embrace curiosity, chase dreams, and see challenges as opportunities in disguise. Work hard, stay dedicated, and create a fulfilling life for yourself.”

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  1. Inspirational 👌👌👌

  2. Your Professional journey are truly appreciate Brother. You have been proven that if you believe in your self then nothing is impossible. It is not matter from which point you started your journey but all about is where you reach.So Keep Moving towards Summit of Success.